Farmhold Financial is a partnership between The Lawrence Affiliates, a group of companies with deep and broad agricultural experience and holdings, and Eldridge Industries, a private investment firm that provides businesses and management teams with capital and resources to execute their strategic plans.

From this unique combination of our partners’ expertise in agriculture and finance, and our experienced management team, Farmhold Financial is able to provide not only flexible capital to its partners, but also perspective and a shared commitment to developing long-term relationships that lead to growth and success for community banks and farmers.

Our Partners

The Lawrence Affiliates

The Lawrence Affiliates is the private business portfolio of the Lawrence Family with investments in Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. The Lawrence Affiliates is headquartered in Wilson, Arkansas and Nashville, Tennessee.

The Lawrence Affiliates operates five major sectors of businesses:

Mid South Ag

Consists of investments in 150,000 + acres of farmland, crop insurance, grain facilities, rice elevators, cotton gin, crop input supplies, commodity marketing, and agronomic consulting and finance

Banking Group

Ownership of 8 banking organizations with total assets of 3 billion dollars


Various investments including Heitz Cellar vineyard, commercial real estate, and HVAC distribution


Investments include Premier Citrus, real estate development, citrus production management, and citrus packaging facility

Nashville-Middle Tennessee

Commercial real estate development

Eldridge Industries

Eldridge Industries invests across diversified industries with a focus on: asset management and leasing; food, convenience, and consumer experiences; real estate lending and development; retirement income, insurance, and insurance technology; sports and media.

In particular, the firm seeks to build and grow businesses led by proven management teams that have demonstrated leadership and experience to scale an enterprise. Eldridge is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with additional offices in Beverly Hills, New York, and London.

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